Edge Delta Mask Node

Mask values in logs using the Edge Delta Mask Node.


The mask node replaces values that match a regex pattern with a set of characters such as ******. You can use it to obfuscate sensitive data. There are three options you can configure:

  • Name - A descriptive name for the node. This is the name that will appear in Visual Pipelines. It must be unique across all nodes.
  • Pattern - The pattern parameter is used to identify the values that should be masked. It is specified as a regex pattern string.
  • Mask String - The mask parameter is used to define the characters that should be used to obfuscate the masked data. It is specified as a string and the default is ******. For example, if Pattern is set to 'password:\s*(?P<pw>\w+)' and Mask String is set to ******, the capture group named pw will be replaced with ******.

See the full Mask Node specification (Paid Tier).