Edge Delta Best Practices

Consider best practices when configuring your Edge Delta pipelines.

Real-Time Monitoring with Edge Delta

Learn why you should use real-time monitoring.

Focused Data Extraction with Edge Delta

Focus pipelines on relevant data such as status codes and response times for more efficient monitoring.

Filter Before You Forward with Edge Delta

Reduce unnecessary data transfer and storage by filtering and extracting data before transmitting it.

In-Cluster Processing with Edge Delta

Processing logs within the cluster reduces egress costs and latency, providing faster insights.

Aggregation for Insight with Edge Delta

Aggregating logs into meaningful metrics directly at the source enables quicker detection of trends and potential issues.

Metric Based Monitoring with Edge Delta

Observe trends and use data for automated alerting or further analysis by translating logs into metrics.

Threshold-Based Alerts with Edge Delta

Establish threshold-based alerts on aggregated metrics for faster recognition of issues and proactive response to incidents.

IAM Roles with Service Accounts

Use IAM Roles with Kubernetes Service Accounts to provide AWS authentication for Edge Delta.