Edge Delta Split Logs Filter

Match then split a single log into multiple logs.

See the latest version here.


This filter type can be used to match, then split a single log into multiple logs.

While you can split lines with an input, you can use this filter for additional line splitting.


 - name: split_logs_using_specified_delimiter
    type: split-with-delimiter
    delimiter: ","



The name parameter specifies the name for the filter. You refer to this name in other places, for example to refer to a specific filter in a workflow or processor. Names must be unique within the filters: section. It is a yaml list element so it begins with a - and a space followed by the string. A name is a required parameter for a filter

  - name: <filter-name>

type: split-with-delimiter

The type parameter in the filter context specifies the type of filter to apply. A type is a required parameter for a filter.

  - name: <filter-name>
    type: <filter-type>


Enter how to split logs. This parameter is optional. The default value is /n, which creates new lines.