Edge Delta Agent Installation

Agent Installation Overview.


The Edge Delta agent is installed in your environment as close as possible to your data sources. It receives its configuration from the Edge Delta SaaS back end, which you control using the Edge Delta web app. The agent can send logs, patterns, metrics, and log metadata to the Edge Delta back end to power the web application. In addition, it can send raw logs, optimized data, and trigger events to your data destinations. See here for more details about the architecture.

Configuration Architecture

After signing up for an Edge Delta account, you create or join an organization and you can invite other users to your organization. Each organization can connect to multiple Edge Delta agents. Each agent is configured using Visual Pipelines or a configuration yaml file. A unique API key is used by each agent to communicate with the Edge Delta web app to populate your dashboard and retrieve its configuration.

Installation Overview

There are two key components that are used during the Edge Delta agent installation:

  1. The agent configuration file. The Edge Delta web app generates a default configuration file that you can use without further configuration. The default configuration sends basic data about your environment to your Edge Delta web app, which can also used to manage and test the agent configuration. Any configuration changes that you make in the app, such as integrating data sources and destinations, are automatically pushed to the deployed agents with matching API keys.
  2. The secret API key. Each agent configuration is associated with a unique API key. This key is used when you install the agent to identify the configuration it should use and to authenticate its connection to your Edge Delta back end.

To install the agent, you simply deploy it in your environment and pass in the API key.

Installation Environments

The following deployment options are available:

In addition, Edge Delta offers Hosted Agents.

Edge Delta System Requirements

software and hardware requirements.

Edge Delta on Kubernetes

Kubernetes Installation Options.

Edge Delta on Linux

Installing the Edge Delta agent on Linux.

Troubleshooting Edge Delta on Linux

Troubleshooting the Edge Delta agent on Linux.

Edge Delta on Docker

Installing the Edge Delta agent on Docker.

Troubleshoot Edge Delta on Docker

Troubleshooting the Edge Delta agent on Docker.

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)

Installing the Edge Delta agent on Amazon ECS.

Edge Delta on Windows

Installing the Edge Delta agent on Windows.

Edge Delta on macOS

Installing the Edge Delta agent on macOS.

Creating Edge Delta Hosted Agents

Installing Edge Delta Hosted Agents.

Debug the Installation of Edge Delta Components

Debugging the Edge Delta Installed Components in Kubernetes.

Scale Edge Delta Deployments

Debugging the Edge Delta Installed Components in Kubernetes.

Upgrading Edge Delta

Upgrading the Edge Delta agent.

Advanced Edge Delta Installations

Advanced installation options.