Deploy Changes to Compound Nodes

Deploy changes that you have made to a compound node to all the pipelines that use that compound node.


Generally changes made to a compound node either in a pipeline or in the compound node library do not affect instances of that compound node in other pipelines. However, you can make changes to a compound node and apply those changes to all instances of that compound node that exist in pipelines.

When a pipeline contains a compound node instance that is out of sync with an updated compound node in the library, it is marked in the Pipelines Dashboard:

Deploy an Updated Compound Node

To propogate changes made to a compound node to all its instances:

  1. Make a change to the compound node in the library.
  2. Click the icon in the Used In column.
  3. A list shows which pipelines contain the up-to-date compound node, and which are out of date. Click an out-of-date pipeline:
  1. The compound node is shown and you can switch between the old and new version using the Show Latest Version switch.
  1. With the Show Latest Version switch off, click View Updated Pipeline to view the out of date pipeline in edit mode and with the latest compound node changes applied. At this point the pipeline has not been deployed with the latest changes.
  2. Click Review Changes and Save Changes to deploy the pipeline with the updated Compound Node.
  3. Repeat steps 2 to 7 for all out of date pipelines.