What is Edge Delta?

Analyze all your data before it’s indexed, understand your sources without building logic, and surface every issue.

Edge Delta is an observability automation platform that helps Developer, DevOps and SRE teams:

  • Build observability pipelines that provide 100% data visibility
  • Analyze datasets and understand the behavior of their services in an automated manner


Edge Delta is deployed as a software agent within your compute and Kubernetes environments (or as close to the data source as possible). Analysis and the ensuing data optimization all occur at the agent level. The outputs of this process – insights, alerts, summarized datasets, and more – are routed to your various streaming destinations (observability and monitoring platforms, data lakes, etc.). During anomalies, new deployments, container version changes, and reported incidents, Edge Delta automatically streams complete raw datasets to your platform(s) of choice.


Using the Edge Delta backend UI in tandem with your existing observability platform unlocks a series of additional features, including:

  • Autodiscovery and mapping of your Kubernetes environments for an always up-to-date view into service health down to individual containers.
  • Log pattern analytics, so your team can quickly detect changes in behavior.
  • Automated findings, which highlight the impacted components and underlying raw data during an anomalous event.

All of these features are delivered with little-to-no manual configuration, so your team can focus on maintaining the health of your services and not keeping up with observability toil.

By using Edge Delta, you and your teams are able to:

  • Analyze all your data before it’s indexed: Analyze every complete dataset in real-time – no more sampling, filtering, or tiering data. Edge Delta processes 100% of your observability data as it’s created at the source to maximize visibility and reduce index volumes.
  • Understand your sources without building logic: Quickly understand the state of applications or services – without running queries or updating dashboards. Edge Delta helps your team make sense of high-volume datasets, so you can easily spot negative behavior and access insights in a self-service manner.
  • Surface every issue and know how to fix it: We don’t only tell you there’s a “needle” – we show you its precise location in the “haystack.” Edge Delta surfaces every anomaly, even those you’ve never seen before. In real time, it captures the exact raw data you need to debug and highlights the affected components.

Free Edition

The Free Edition enables you to quickly get started with Edge Delta using preconfigured agents and trigger destinations. This is ideal to learn or for deploying a proof of concept or proof of value. As your architecture becomes more demanding, you can contact Edge Delta to discuss your requirements.

Log Patterns

The Edge Delta agent uses a proprietary algorithm to detect repeated patterns in log messages.

Log to Metric Conversion

Edge Delta optimizes observability data by converting logs into metrics.

Anomaly Detection

Edge Delta automatically detects anomalies in observability data.