Metrics Explorer

Explore metrics in the Edge Delta web application.


The Metrics - Explorer page displays the metric outputs of processors. Based on your configurations, a processor generates metrics that are reported to the Edge Delta backend, as well as to the configured triggering destination. These metrics populate most charts in the Edge Delta App.

Filter Metrics

You can filter data on the Metrics page:

  • Lookback
  • Agent Tag
  • Source Type
  • Source
  • Host

To specify the lookback period, click Lookback.

  • To view data for a generic time frame, such as 1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day, etc, click Relative.
  • To view data for a specific time frame, such as from February 1, 2022, at 1:15PM to February 7, 2022, at 1:14PM, click Custom.

In the Filters pane, filter by Agent Tag, Source Type, Source and Host.

Create a Custom Metric Alert

  1. Optionally filter the view using the Metric drop-down and options in the filter pane.
  2. Click Create Alert.
  3. Complete the form.


Enter a descriptive name for this metric alert.


This field will be pre-populated and cannot be changed.


This field will be pre-populated based on the filter options you had applied.


This field will be pre-populated based on your metric filter.


Select an aggregate function to tally data.


Select a duration to organize data into separate buckets.

Group By

Select a dimension to organize data into separate groups.


Configure the Anomaly Score and Value settings that must be met in order to generate an alert.

  • The Anomaly Score is based on the configuration of your processors.

To learn more, see Processors.


Enter a timeframe of previous data to monitor.

Email Recipients

Enter an email address that will receive the alert.

Instead of an email address, you can also select an existing triggering output.

Trigger Endpoints

Select an existing triggering output to receive the alert.

Suppression Window

Select a time period in hours where a notification for a similar alert will not be sent more than once during the specified time period.


Select a timezone to be used to define the data in the alert.


Select Yes to enable this alert.

Manage Existing Custom Alerts

To update or delete an existing custom metric alert, use the Monitors page. For an existing metric, you cannot update the Type, Filters or Metric


In the image below, the custom alert will trigger if the sum (aggregation) of api_access.count (metric) over *5 minutes (window) period exceeds 10,000 (value)

This threshold is evaluated every 5 minutes (window) in Edge Delta backend, which aggregates the metrics reported by the agents that correspond to admin-api-backend (filters - tag).