Edge Delta Regex Filter

Pass logs based on regex.

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This filter type passes all log lines that match the specified regular expression. All unmatched logs are discarded.


The following example obtains the log lines that are error-related, and then discards other lines:

  - name: error
    type: regex
    pattern: "error|ERROR|ERR|Err"

The following example displays the negate parameter. Specifically, the following example discards DEBUG logs, and then passes through other logs:

  - name: not_debug
    pattern: "DEBUG"
    negate: true



The name parameter specifies the name for the filter. You refer to this name in other places, for example to refer to a specific filter in a workflow or processor. Names must be unique within the filters: section. It is a yaml list element so it begins with a - and a space followed by the string. A name is a required parameter for a filter

  - name: <filter-name>

type: regex

The type parameter in the filter context specifies the type of filter to apply. A type is a required parameter for a filter.

  - name: <filter-name>
    type: <filter-type>


You can use this parameter pass logs that do not meet the pattern. In other words, to reverse the effect of the filter, set this parameter to true. For example, if you set the pattern to only collect error logs, and you set this parameter to true, then the filter will collect all logs that are not error logs. This parameter is optional.


Enter a regular expression pattern to define which strings to match on. This parameter is required.