Edge Delta Kubernetes Statistics Input

Collect and send Kubernetes pod metrics to Edge Delta.


This input type collects and sends pod metrics, such as CPU and memory usage, to a configured streaming destination, as well as to the Edge Delta backend.

To use this input, you must enable the Kubernetes metrics API on the cluster. To configure this API, you must install metrics-server. To learn more, review this document from Kubernetes.

The Kubernetes pod metric collection requires an agent leader election mechanism to be enabled because only 1 agent collects metrics from the cluster. This mechanism is already enabled in the default agent deployment command via ED_LEADER_ELECTION_ENABLED=1.

Review Sample Configuration

Review the following sample configuration:

    labels: "k8s-stats"

Review Parameters

Review the following parameters that you can configure in the Edge Delta App.



Enter a descriptive name for this input.

When you create a workflow, you will use this label to enter your input into the workflow.

Review the following example:

labels: "k8s-stats"