Edge Delta Output Nodes

Output nodes in Visual Pipelines.

An integration is an organization-level output whose settings you can use to quickly create and populate individual outputs.

  1. In the Edge Delta App, click Data Pipeline, and then click Integrations.
  2. Select the integration.
  3. Complete the form and click Save.

This adds the integration to the organization’s agent’s YAML configurations. In addition, you can configure overrides in the YAML for particular agents. In this example, the integration named OS-ISK8S-PRD-LOGS-V2 is configured in the YAML with an override to include only the log feature regardless of the features specified in the integration form.

    integration_name: OS-ISK8S-PRD-LOGS-V2
      features: log

Output Nodes

Edge Delta Azure Blob Output

Send logs to an Azure Blob Storage endpoint.

Edge Delta Datadog Output

Send logs to Datadog.

Edge Delta DigitalOcean Spaces Output

Send logs to a DigitalOcean Spaces endpoint.

Edge Delta Log Output

Enable log search for the Edge Delta app.

Edge Delta Metrics

Configure the Edge Delta Metrics Node.

Edge Delta Pattern

Send pattern data from the Edge Delta Pattern Node.

Edge Delta Elastic Output

Send logs to Elastic.

Edge Delta Google Cloud Services Output

Archive using a Google Cloud Services destination.

Edge Delta HTTP Output Node

Send analytics and insights to an HTTP destination.

Edge Delta IBM Object Storage Output

Send items to an IBM Object Storage destination.

Edge Delta Local Storage Output

Send items to a Local Storage destination.

Edge Delta MinIO Output

Send items to a MinIO destination.

Edge Delta OpenMetrics Output

Send logs to OpenMetrics.

Edge Delta S3 Output

Send items to an S3 destination.

Edge Delta Slack Output

Send alerts to Slack using a node.

Edge Delta Splunk Output

Send items to a Splunk destination.

Edge Delta Sumo Logic Output

Send items to a Sumo Logic destination.

Edge Delta TCP Output Node

Send analytics and insights to a TCP destination.

Edge Delta Webhook Output

Send data to a webhook.

Edge Delta Zenko CloudServer Output

Send items to a Zenko CloudServer destination.