Edge Delta Agent Component Health Input

Configure collection of Edge Delta Agent Component Health.


The ed_component_health_input enables ingestion of health data of the components in the agent. It collects data scraped by the Health Manager every minute and it feeds the ed_health_output node to enable agent diagnostics in the Edge Delta SaaS. It can also send this data to other destinations.

It is a default node with no configurable parameters. You should not remove these nodes as it will disable this feature.

Example Configuration

This configuration illustrates the ed_component_health_input node and the link to the ed_health_output node.

- name: ed_component_health
  type: ed_component_health_input
- name: ed_health
  type: ed_health_output

- from: ed_component_health
  to: ed_health

Required Parameters


A descriptive name for the node. This is the name that will appear in Visual Pipelines and you can reference this node in the yaml using the name. It must be unique across all nodes. It is a yaml list element so it begins with a - and a space followed by the string. It is a required parameter for all nodes.

  - name: <node name>
    type: <node type>

type: ed_node_health_input

The type parameter specifies the type of node being configured. It is specified as a string from a closed list of node types. It is a required parameter.

  - name: <node name>
    type: <node type>