Edge Delta Destinations

Destinations in the Edge Delta web application.

A Desintation or Integration is an organization-level output whose settings you can use to quickly create and populate individual outputs.

To make a pre-configured integration available in Pipeline configurations:

  1. In the Edge Delta App, click Pipeline, and then click Destinations.
  2. Select the integration.
  3. Complete the form and click Save.

As with node names, integration names containing a period character (.) will not pass validation.

Changes made to the integration in the Visual Pipeline or v2 YAML will take precedence over the settings configured on the Pipeline - Destinations.

For Visual Pipeline: Click Add Output - Integration and select the integration name that you configured on the Pipeline - Destinations page.

Only some integrations are supported by v3 configurations in Visual Pipeline

For V2 configurations, specify the integration name as an output. In this example, the streaming integration named OS-ISK8S-PRD-LOGS-V2 is configured in a v2 YAML with an override to include only the log feature regardless of the features specified on the Pipeline - Destinations page.

    integration_name: OS-ISK8S-PRD-LOGS-V2
      features: log