Manage Edge Delta Organization

Managing your Edge Delta Organization in the Edge Delta web application.

Create an Organization

You can create a new organization.

  1. Click your username.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Join Organization.
  4. Click Create an Organization.
  5. Enter a name.
  6. Optionally, create a new Fleet or click Exit Set Up.

Configure your Organization

  1. Click Admin - My Organization.
  2. Click Edit in the panel with your organization name.

You can change the organization name and you can configure Approved Domains. This is a list of email domains that users must use when requesting membership to your organization. You can add multiple approved domains one at a time to your organization. Typically you specify your company domains as approved domains.

You can configure whether Edge Delta support agents will be able to access your account.

Finally, you can select whether to enable OnCall AI.

Note: Enabling OnCall AI sends some non-personal data, such as log patterns, to Edge Delta’s third-party AI service providers.

  1. Click Save.

Switch Between Organizations

If you are a member of multiple organizations you can switch between them.

  1. In the Edge Delta App, click your username.
  2. Click change.
  3. Select the organization to open, and then click Go.

Request to Join an Organization

You can join an existing organization. The owner of the organization will receive an email to approve (or deny) your access into the organization.

  1. Click your username.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Join Organization.

If you are unable to request access to a specific organization, then the domain for your email address may not be approved with the organization. You should contact the owner of the organization to add your email domain into the list of approved domains.

  1. Select the desired organization, and then click Next.

An email will be sent to the owner of the organization to approve your access. In the Organizations table, under Description, the Pending Admin approval status will display until the admin approves your membership.

Leave an Organization

  1. Click your username.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. In Organizations table, locate the desired organization and click the options column.
  4. Click Leave Organization, and then click Yes to confirm.