Edge Delta Processor Nodes

Processor nodes in v3 configurations.

Edge Delta Base64 Decode

Decode logs using Base64.

Edge Delta Datadog Mapper

Create a payload for the Datadog event endpoint.

Edge Delta Enrichment Node

Configure the Edge Delta Enrichment Node.

Edge Delta Extract JSON Field Node

Extract JSON from the body field.

Edge Delta GZIP Decompress Node

Decompress GZIP logs.

Edge Delta Log Level Detector Node

Determine and assign the log level.

Edge Delta Log to Metric Node

Extract metrics from logs using the Edge Delta Log to Metric Node.

Edge Delta Log to Pattern Node

Identify log patterns using a clustering algorithm.

Edge Delta Log Transform Node

Transform logs using upsert and delete operations.

Manipulate Source

Change the log source.

Edge Delta Mask Node

Mask values in logs using the Edge Delta Mask Node.

Edge Delta OpenTSDB Parser

Parse OpenTSDB.

Edge Delta Output Transform Node

Transform and output logs.

Edge Delta Parse JSON Node

Parse JSON logs as attributes.

Edge Delta Ratio Node

Report on pattern ratios.

Edge Delta Regex Filter

Configure the Edge Delta Regex Filter Node.


Pass logs to a specific path.

Edge Delta Split With Delimiter Node

Split logs according to a given delimiter.

Edge Delta Splunk Mapper

Create a payload for the Splunk event endpoint.

Edge Delta Threshold Node

Define thresholds for trigger nodes.

Edge Delta Top-k Node

Return a list of ranked pattern matches.