Quick Start

Get started with default settings using Kubernetes.


This workflow gets you started in a local kubernetes cluster. It uses Docker, kind and Helm.

  1. Create a kubernetes cluster
  2. Sign up with Edge Delta
  3. Install the Edge Delta Agent
  4. Explore the Edge Delta Interface
  5. Edit the Agent Configuration

1. Create a Kubernetes Cluster

open -a docker
kind create cluster

2. Sign Up

  1. Visit the Edge Delta application web site.
  2. Click Sign Up.
  1. Enter your account details and click Register. Alternatively, click Sign up with Google.
  1. A confirmation email is sent to the address you registered.
  1. Click Activate Account in the email you received.

Now you are ready to install the agent.

3. Install the Edge Delta Agent

  1. Select Helm (or Kubernetes if you don’t have Helm installed)
  2. Specify a name for the configuration that will be used by this agent. This is usually a friendly name for the environment such as prod_eks.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Copy and run the commands provided. They include the agent version and the unique API key. Click I Ran Deploy Commands.
  1. Click I’ll Take it from here. Alternatively, click Guide Me to enter the guided tour of the interface.

A new agent with the default configuration is now installed in your cluster.

Note: there are no application workloads generating logs in your cluster so your dashboards may be sparsely populated for now.

4. Explore the Edge Delta Interface

  1. Click Kubernetes - Overview. It shows an overview of the Kubernetes components that are being monitored by an agent. See here for more information.

You need at least one workload in your cluster for data to populate the Kubernetes Dashboard.

  1. Click Logs. This page displays detected patterns including those with a negative sentiment. See here for more information.

  2. Click Logs - Search. You can search for specific logs on this page. See here for more information.

  3. Click Pipelines - Pipelines. This page lists your configurations and you can edit them using the GUI. See here for more information.

5. Edit the Agent Configuration

The Agent Configuration section provides detailed information on how to update the agent configuration to cater for your workflow.

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Default Edge Delta Configuration

Edge Delta includes a default pipeline.