How to use Edge Delta

The section contains How To pages you can use for a quick reference while working with Edge Delta. If you want to learn more about Edge Delta you can look at the Tutorials, which step you through more specific scenarios.

Quick Start

Get started with default settings using Kubernetes.

Ingest Logs from a File

Ingest Logs from a File in 5 Minutes.

Manage Log Timestamps with Edge Delta

Understand and manage timestamps using Edge Delta.

Route Logs in a Branched Pipeline

Route logs in a branched pipeline in 5 Minutes.

Mask Emails in Logs

Mask email addresses in logs in 5 Minutes.

Exclude 5 Namespaces

Exclude logs from 5 namespaces in 5 minutes.

Create Metrics from Logs

Create metrics from logs in 5 Minutes.

Trigger a Metric Alert with Edge Delta

Trigger an alert based on a metrics threshold in 5 minutes.