Upgrading Edge Delta

Upgrading the Edge Delta agent.

The Edge Delta agent is abstracted from its configuration. This means you can upgrade an agent without changing the agent configuration. A unique API key is used by each agent to communicate with the Edge Delta web app to populate your dashboard and retrieve its configuration.

The API key is passed in during installation. So to upgrade you simply pass the same API key in while installing a more recent version.

Agent and Configuration Versions

Starting at version 0.1.71, Edge Delta agents use a YAML file that has a config v3 structure, which enabled Visual Pipelines. In addition, v0.1.71 agents also support v2 configurations. You can’t downgrade an agent that uses a v3 configuration below v0.1.71 without converting the configuration to v2.

Helm Example

Suppose you have an existing agent on version 0.1.69 that is using the configuration API key of 123456789. To upgrade to version 0.1.71:

  1. Update the Chart
helm repo update
  1. Run the deployment command provided by the Edge Delta application.
helm upgrade edgedelta edgedelta/edgedelta -i --version v0.1.71 --set secretApiKey.value=123456789 -n edgedelta --create-namespace

To view the deployment commands for an existing agent:

  1. Click Data Pipeline and select Agent Configs.
  2. Click the Actions icon in the Actions column for the agent and select Deploy/Upgrade.
  3. Select the deployment method.

The deployment commands for the agent using the selected method are listed.