Edge Delta Compound Nodes

Compound Nodes in the Edge Delta Visual Pipeline.

A compound node is an aggregation of pipeline nodes that you can add to a pipeline as a single object. This is useful if you have a common node pattern that needs to be inserted into many pipelines. For example, suppose many of your pipelines require a specific field to be masked and a particular enrichment applied. You can create a Compound Node containing the required Mask and Enrichment node configurations, and add that compound node in all the pipelines that require that logic. This reduces the visual complexity of busy pipelines and it reduces configuration overhead.

Create an Edge Delta Compound Node

Create a Compound Node.

Add a Compound Node to a Pipeline

Add Compound Nodes to an Edge Delta Visual Pipeline.

Create a Compound Node from a Pipeline

Create a Compound Node by selecting nodes in an existing Edge Delta Visual Pipeline.

Role Based Access to Compound Nodes

Configure Role Based Access Control for Compound Node resources to manage access to them.

Deploy Changes to Compound Nodes

Deploy changes that you have made to a compound node to all the pipelines that use that compound node.