Edge Delta Agent Configuration

Configure the Edge Delta agent using Visual Pipelines or YAML.

Starting at version 0.1.71, Edge Delta agents use a YAML file that has a config v3 structure, which enables configuration using Visual Pipelines. You can also configure 0.1.71 agents using a text editor to make changes to the YAML file, for example, to pass in a local configuration file. In addition, v0.1.71 agents also support v2 configurations.

You can’t edit version 2 configurations using Visual Pipelines. Contact Support to migrate your configurations to the v3 format.

Identifying Your Version

Version 3 configurations are listed in Pipelines - Pipelines and Pipelines - Dashboard.

Version 2 configurations are listed in Pipelines - Legacy Pipelines.

In addition, the version is specified in the configuration YAML:

version: v3

  tag: name
    level: info
  archive_flush_interval: 1m0s
  archive_max_byte_limit: 16MB

Edge Delta Agent Configuration v2

The Edge Delta v2 agent is configured using a yaml configuration file.

Edge Delta Agent Configuration v3

The Edge Delta agent can be configured visually using Visual Pipelines.

Edge Delta Best Practices