Create a Compound Node from a Pipeline

Create a Compound Node by selecting nodes in an existing Edge Delta Visual Pipeline.


You can create a compound node by selecting nodes in an existing pipeline and converting the selection into a new compound node. This converts the selection into a compound node in the existing pipeline and it also adds the new compound node to the compound node library.

Group Nodes

Suppose an existing pipeline contains a configuration that you would like to apply to other pipelines as a compound node.

  1. Click Edit Mode
  2. Select the nodes using one of these methods:
  • hover over each node and check the selection checkbox,
  • hold Command select each node, or
  • hold Shift and drag a selection box over the nodes.
  1. Select Create Compound Node.

The nodes are grouped in a single compound node and the new compound node is added to the compound node library.

  1. Click Review Changes.
  2. Click Deploy Changes.