Edge Delta Agent Configuration v2

The Edge Delta v2 agent is configured using a yaml configuration file.

Edge Delta agent that v0.1.70 or older are configured only using a v2 yaml configuration file. See here for more information. To configure a v0.1.71 or later agent, you can use Visual Pipelines or the v3 YAML configuration.

Configuration v2 consists of the following sections:

The three main components of the agent configuration are inputs, workflows, and outputs. Inputs are your data sources, while outputs are your data destinations. Workflows define the logic that is applied to your data by the Edge Delta agent. They specify the combination of filters, processors, thresholds and workflow conditions to apply to an input, as well as which output to send the resulting data to. A detailed configuration will consist of many workflows that cater for your data use cases. Workflows use labels to refer to the other components in the configuration.

Configure an Edge Delta Agent

Configure a New Agent

When you create a new Edge Delta agent configuration, a v3 configuration will be created. You can edit this configuration format using Visual Pipelines or the v3 YAML.

Edit the v2 Configuration

To edit an agent configuration using YAML:

  1. Click Pipelines and select Legacy Pipelines.
  2. Select the kebab (⋮) icon in the Actions column for the agent and select Edit.

The Edit Configuration dialog box opens. You can edit the configuration and also test some of the configuration components.

  1. Click Save Edits.

Applying Changes

After making changes to an agent configuration using the Edge Delta Web UI, there is no need to restart or reinstall the Edge Delta agent. The configuration settings will be automatically applied after a few minutes.

Edge Delta Inputs

Inputs define the data sources the Edge Delta agent should connect to.

Edge Delta Filters

Use a filter to identify or discard logs.

Edge Delta Processors

Perform logs to metrics conversions using Edge Delta.

Edge Delta Outputs

Data destinations.

Edge Delta Workflows

Connect maps inputs, processors, and outputs.

Edge Delta Thresholds

Define alerting conditions at the agent level.

Edge Delta Agent Settings

Global agent configuration options.

Edge Delta Configuration Imports

Use parent configuration.

Advanced Edge Delta Configuration

Methods for fine-tuning your configuration.