Edge Delta config.yaml

Example ConfigMap

The following ConfigMap can be used along with this agent manifest to manage the Edge Delta agent using a local configuration.

apiVersion: v1
  config.yml: |
    version: v3

      tag: local_images
        level: info
      archive_flush_interval: 1m0s
      archive_max_byte_limit: 16MB

    - from: kubernetes_logs
      to: mask_ssn
    - from: ed_component_health
      to: ed_health
    - from: ed_node_health
      to: ed_health
    - from: ed_agent_stats
      to: ed_metrics
    - from: ed_pipeline_io_stats
      to: ed_metrics
    - from: ed_k8s_metrics_input
      to: ed_metrics
    - from: k8s_traffic_input
      to: ed_metrics
    - from: ed_system_stats
      to: ed_metrics
    - from: mask_ssn
      to: drop_trace_level
    - from: mask_ssn
      to: error_monitoring
    - from: mask_ssn
      to: exception_monitoring
    - from: mask_ssn
      to: log_to_patterns
    - from: mask_ssn
      to: negative_sentiment_monitoring
    - from: drop_trace_level
      to: ed_archive
    - from: error_monitoring
      to: ed_metrics
    - from: exception_monitoring
      to: ed_metrics
    - from: negative_sentiment_monitoring
      to: ed_metrics
    - from: log_to_patterns
      to: ed_patterns
    - from: demo_input
      to: mask_ssn

    - name: kubernetes_logs
      type: kubernetes_input
      - k8s.namespace.name=.*
      - k8s.namespace.name=kube-system
      - k8s.namespace.name=kube-public
      - k8s.namespace.name=kube-node-lease
      - k8s.pod.name=edgedelta
      - k8s.pod.name=prometheus
      - k8s.pod.name=promtail
      - k8s.pod.name=node-exporter
    - name: ed_component_health
      type: ed_component_health_input
    - name: ed_node_health
      type: ed_node_health_input
    - name: ed_agent_stats
      type: ed_agent_stats_input
    - name: ed_pipeline_io_stats
      type: ed_pipeline_io_stats_input
    - name: ed_k8s_metrics_input
      type: ed_k8s_metrics_input
    - name: k8s_traffic_input
      type: k8s_traffic_input
    - name: ed_system_stats
      type: ed_system_stats_input
    - name: mask_ssn
      type: mask
      pattern: \d{3}\-\d{2}-\d{4}
      mask: REDACTED
    - name: drop_trace_level
      type: regex_filter
      pattern: TRACE
      negate: true
    - name: error_monitoring
      type: log_to_metric
      pattern: (?i)error
    - name: exception_monitoring
      type: log_to_metric
      pattern: (?i)exception
    - name: negative_sentiment_monitoring
      type: log_to_metric
      pattern: (?i)(exception|fail|timeout|broken|caught|denied|abort|insufficient|killed|killing|malformed|unsuccessful|outofmemory|panic|undefined)
    - name: log_to_patterns
      type: log_to_pattern
      reporting_frequency: 1m0s
    - name: ed_archive
      type: ed_archive_output
    - name: ed_metrics
      type: ed_metrics_output
    - name: ed_health
      type: ed_health_output
    - name: ed_patterns
      type: ed_patterns_output
    - name: demo_input
      type: demo_input
      speed: 100ms
      error_interval: 1m0s
      error_count: 20    
kind: ConfigMap
  creationTimestamp: null
  name: edgedelta-agent-config
  namespace: edgedelta

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