Edge Delta Hosted Agents

Installing Edge Delta Hosted Agents.


Hosted Agents are Edge Delta agents that are hosted in cloud infrastructure owned and managed by the Edge Delta team. You might decide to use hosted agents in the following scenarios:

  • data sources are serverless workloads such as AWS Lambda functions or events generated from Amazon Kinesis.
  • lightweight edge environments host thin data producers, such as Internet of Things.
  • you do not want to take on resource management associated with hosting an additional workload.
  • security limitations exist for deploying an agent in your environment.

You can create, configure, and remove agent configurations using the Edge Delta interface. The hosted agent can optionally expose an HTTPS endpoint so you can push data to it. If you don’t create an HTTPS endpoint, you can still pull data into the agent by specifying an input in the agent configuration. When you create a hosted agent, you should select a configuration that is logically close to your data source, for example, in the same region or hosted on the same provider.

Aggregator Agents

All hosted agents are Aggregator Agents. Aggregator agent configurations consist a single aggregator agent with multiple processor agents hosted in a Kubernetes cluster. Each processor agent processes different parts of the data while the aggregator agent orchestrates the aggregated data to reduce gaps or duplication. All the agents have the same configuration and no additional settings are required. This parallel architecture allows for high processor throughput as well as high availability with a FIFO buffer to cater for lost or dropped requests.

Push or Pull Data Inputs

Hosted agents cater for both push or pull data input integrations. Push based sources such as a CDN or Amazon Kinesis logs can be consumed on an HTTPS endpoint that the Edge Delta hosted agent exposes. In addition, hosted agents can pull logs from pull-based sources such as AWS Elastic Load Balancing, Kafka, Azure Event Hubs, Amazon S3 and SQS or Amazon CloudWatch.

Managing a Hosted Agent

Creating a Hosted Agent

See here for details about creating a new hosted agent.

Update a Hosted Agent’s Configuration

V2 agents:

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Hosted Agent Resources

You can change a Hosted Agent’s memory limit, CPU limit or agent count on the Hosted Agents page: Select Edit from the kebab (⋮) menu for the agent you want to update.

The Edit Hosted Agent page opens and you can make the changes to the resource settings.

Delete a Hosted Agent

To delete a hosted agent, open the Hosted Agent page and select Delete from the kebab (⋮) menu for the agent you want to remove. The configuration will remain listed in the agent configuration page until you delete it there too, although it will not have any active agents using it.