Edge Delta Legacy Pipelines

Manage Edge Delta v2 Configurations.


Click Pipelines - Legacy Pipelines to view the list of v2 agent configurations in your agent fleet. This list includes configurations for agents that are deployed as well as agents that are not deployed.

Take note of the Min Agent Version and the YAML Version columns.

Min Agent Version

The Min Agent Version column shows the agent version number of the oldest deployed agent with that configuration. You may need to upgrade agents to enable certain features.

YAML Version

The YAML Version column shows the configuration version. You may need to migrate your agents to the latest configuration schema to enable certain features.

Edit a v2 Configuration

To edit an agent configuration using YAML:

  1. Click Pipelines and select Legacy Pipelines.
  2. Select the kebab (⋮) icon in the Actions column for the agent and select Edit.

The Edit Configuration dialog box opens. You can edit the configuration and also test some of the configuration components.

  1. Click Save Edits.

See Agent Configuration v2 for details on how to configure an agent.

Applying Changes

After making changes to an agent configuration using the Edge Delta Web UI, there is no need to restart or reinstall the Edge Delta agent. The configuration settings will be automatically applied after a few minutes.