Add Edge Delta Users

Instructions for adding users on the Edge Delta Free Edition.

The third step in the Get Started workflow is to add users to your organization.

Add Users

  1. Click Admin - My Organization.
  2. Click Invite User.
  3. Enter the user’s email address and click Send Invite.

The user you invited will receive an email inviting them to activate their Edge Delta account. They should follow these instructions:

  1. Click Activate Edge Delta Account in the email from Edge Delta.
  2. Configure a strong password in the web page that opens.
  3. Log into the new user account.

If a user forgot to activate their account in time or lost the email, you can resend the invitation. Click the hamburger menu in the actions column and select Reinvite User.

Remove Users

You can remove users from your organization on the Admin - My Organization page.

To remove a user, click the hamburger menu in the actions column and select Remove.

Uninvited Users

If a user with the same email address domain as yours registers and Activates and account, they will have the option to request to join your organization or create a new organization. These requests are listed on the Membership Requests tab of the the Admin - My Organization page.